Open file action doesn't work ( file generated with automation in Google Drive)

Hi all,

I have created in my App an automation BOT to create a File (.pdf) and save it into a folder in Google Drive.

The name of the files is set with a formula which is:


I use the default folder path of AppSheet.
So i created a new column in my Google Sheets named “File” and an “Open file” action to write the folder path in this column, which is:


I can’t understand why it doesn’t work when i try to open the file.
I receive this error:

Thank you in advance for helping me.

Did you disable the timestamp on the filename in your Bot?


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Yes, of course.
It is not active.

File name in Google Drive is correct and there is not timestamp added.

Do you have anything set here for your file column?


Is the spreadsheet containing the Table in the folder that also contains the “Files” folder?

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No i didn’t write anything in the column “File”

The spreadsheet is archived in an other folder in My Drive which is not the same of the “Files” folder (standard of AppSheet).

I think that’s your problem then.


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Can confirm that it was the problem!
I move now the sheets in the right path folder and it works.

Thank you.
Question resolved! :slight_smile: