Open File/Image with external browser without looking up cache

I posted this Expression to construct URL to reach to your files by ignoring cache today to share our findings to ignore the cached file/image then open up the most latest files saved in the cloud, but we noticed further the tricks was not perfect so eventually we deleted the thread.

In turn, we come up with new tricks to open up the files saved in the clouds without referring to the cache, but look up the saved files.

Let me explain.

First, there is URL which reach out to your target file, using expression we introduce on other post.

CONCATENATE(β€˜’, ENCODEURL(CONTEXT(AppName)), β€˜&tableName=’, ENCODEURL(CONTEXT(Table)), β€˜&fileName=’, ENCODEURL( [IMAGE]))

Then leave that expression and column as it is.

Once the URL column type is placed, AppSheet is generate system action of β€œOpen URL”

First step is to copy this system action, while we hide it.

Once the copied action is in place, swist the expression for Target (Target URL)

It looks like this.

The URL column name is [PDF Archive] in this sample case, then just add &"&"&UNIQUEID() at the end.

Then attach this copied action to the original position, inline to the URL column.

Once the action is triggered, unique URL is going to be generated and open the external browser.
Again, all the time , URL is unique, just because of the expression above.

After we tested, those unique URL is not refering to the cache, but always start to look into the actual saved file to render and preview in new browser tab.

Just adding new parameter to the end of URL, without key of params, but just pass &uniquevalue at the end to make the URL is always unique whenever it is called. That did a trick.

Some file which is generated by BOT and saved to Cloud is kept updated. When we run a BOT, then file is saved. Then we re-run BOT then new file such as PDF is generated with the same name. But when we click URL to open the file, we are always looking into cache rather than looking into the most latest file with same file name.

We just found a trick not really conducted full investigation, but it seems to work and do what we want.




Hi @Steve
Thanks for your lessons, as always.
I did not kwow about it.

This page was useful to learn.

This did works samely.

There are still tons of things we dont know but AppSheet could do.