Open File Show Blank White View

I have a column as File type. In browser view of the UI I build, file will be downloaded when click file icon. But on mobile device I found ‘docx’ file type show a blank white page when file icon clicked. The files are previously uploaded via the APP to Google drive. How can I get the file content displayed on mobile device?

Hi All, is there anyone having similar issue to this?

Hi @Quentin, I replied to your other similar post with a link that might have caused the issue. But when I saw this post, it seems you have experience it for 6 days now.

Have you contact ?

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Thanks for reply Heru.
I just checked that reply.
From my understanding the change of file URL construction affects when I build the URL in action.
In my case I simply store the file URL in a column of ‘file’ type.
Should it affected as well?
Yes I should raise this to support, doing that now.

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Are you using to same column to Show and the upload?

Yes it’s all with same column.