Open form for ref record from parent form

I have a form that displays child records and when I click on the child records it opens up the detail view modal. Is there any way to enable quick edit on this modal and, if not, is there a way to change the behavior to open that record in form view?

For context, I have a table of client requests. I add a new request, the client opens it and responds.
For certain types of requests, there are related child records which each require a unique response. In order to make this work I have a workflow which inserts the request id onto each related row of the child table and it’s fairly complicated/prone to error.

You should be able to use Linktoform() in this context, and preload the existing values from the record details. Have you tried this?

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The link to form is an Action and I don’t believe Actions are available in forms.

Ah, I read this wrong, you are right about that… I guess I’m confused: you are already in edit/form mode, but also want to enter into a new form mode?

Yes exactly. Let’s say you were a history teacher, one of the classes you teach is AP History and I’m asking you to confirm the grade each of your students received for their end of year exam. The request is for your “AP History” class and the ref table lists each of your students. You’d need to select one and enter the grade for that student. I don’t believe this is an option in appsheet but the fact that it’s not is kind of mind blowing. As i said, i’ve figured out a solution but it’s the kind of solution that you create and think to yourself “i must be doing this wrong because this is way too much work”.

Have you considered making that ref view a table, then turning on quick edit mode for that view? Then the teacher clicks the “view” link on the child ref table, which brings up the full list. On that screen is the quick edit mode button.

It is not possible to edit existing child rows from within the form view of the parent. You can add and then edit new children under some conditions, but not existing children.

Is it possible to change the behavior of the ‘Row Selected’ behavior for child rows? I don’t necessarily need to edit the record in the same window, I just need it to go to the form for that child record.

You cannot affect the navigation to a child row in a form view, but you can affect it for child records in an inline view in a parent row’s detail view.