Open form view from table view

Hello everyone

I’ve have a table view that shows all records. I’ve created a form view to create new records which is working. I’m trying to open a display form view when I select a row within the table view but it takes me to a new blank form instead of being able to view the existing record in a form. Do I need to enter an expression in the row key to select a record/row.

Many thanks.

You can change the on click action from auto to edit and that should be what you need.


Thanks for the reply. Yes that should be OK. I was looking for a show option rather than edit but should be fine.

You mean like show the details of the row? That should be the default behavior when you create a table view is to on click view the table’s detail view.

Yes so if I click on the row it shows the details of the row but I want to see the form display tabbed view. (Behaviour - Row Selected =auto)

If set the Behaviour - Row Selected =edit, then I get the tabbed form view but in edit mode.

Form views are for editing and detail views are for viewing. There isn’t really a “edit mode” for a form view.