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I am trying to open a google sheet file from an action button. This file is a kind of reporting format. The reason to open this file is so that user can print it from their phone. Is this possible or not?

Yes, I think you can. I have not done so but I believe you would need a column defined as type URL and then copy and paste the Google link to the Google sheet into that column.

Then you would need to use the “open a file” action type or possibly the “go to a website” (since its a URL). I am not certain which.

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May I ask for an example?

It should be easy to try for yourself. The steps would be:

  1. Add or change a column for the URL type.
  2. Create an action for the dataset that uses the “go to a website” action type.
  3. Create Deck view to display the rows - add action into the Deck view.
  4. Add a new row, copy and paste a Google Sheet URL into the new column and Save.
  5. From the Deck view, tap the action and see of the Google file opens.

I have some time so I’ll try to create an example to see how it works.

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I created a little tester view in a test app following the steps above, it worked perfectly.

I tested from both the emulator and from my phone. I also tested with a Google Doc, Google Sheet and an Excel XLSX on my Google Drive. All opened without an issue.


Hi John,

I have tested the steps and it works. Thank you.

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