Open Group by in page

In my table form I have a grouping. When I open the group I dont want to navigate to a new page with just those children showing. I want to stay on the page and ungroup just my selection(s). Is that possible?

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You might get similar behaviour with this functionality:

Hope it helps!

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Thanks but not what I was thinking. Looking to be able to create this behavior


So when I select Group3 I see the children underneath and remain on the page

Got it!

Deck view
Status column
2 actions: one to set status on view and one to set it on hide with + and - icons
Show If condition on actions so only one will be available at a time
Show If condition on [Related Records] column

=- with this formula you will always have in Detail view but optional in Deck view

setting the Deck View
You select as primary header the group name
secondary header none or whatever you want
nested table - [Related Records]

a bit below,on actions, you add your 2 status actions

Hope this helps!

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And this you can take it further by having the Child Table_Inline set as a deck and repeat the steps.
This way you can have Parent/Child/Grandchild.