Open image in fullscreen - Google drive table

Trying to open an image in fullscreen from the fancy amazing new google folder table.

I want click on the text in the first image and jump straight to fullscreen, skipping the details image (Without going to external browser)

See images below

Anyone know if this is possible?

Something like this?

Hi Suvrutt! I have come this close as well, but on mobile the top and bottom takes up half the screen in landscape mode, and no zoom.

I know I can click it again, but I try my best to deliver the best UX to my users. This would be confusing for some, so I then have to train everyone :sweat_smile: I try to avoid that.

Hi @Ratatosk ,

Thank you. Got it. The above approach does open the entire screen even on the mobile device. I had noted your specific need before responding. Only difference is I have tested it on a normal table view with an image column as I had no G Drive folder table test images data readily available. However I believe it will work with Google folder with images as well. below is recording in the editor. Without the user having to tap twice a full image is display on row select.

How do you add a folder as a data source or table? I can’t find it in the app editor anywhere, and the documentation doesn’t say.

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Data>New Table>Documents on Google Drive

Maybe I’m missing something but what exactly are you doing to get it go fullscreen?

I created a read only slice on the table with only image column in that slice.

Then a ref view of detail view type based on that slice .

Finally a LINKTOROW() action that navigates to current row of the above detail view. The action is set as a row select event action on the table view.


Oh. I understand. So then it goes fullscreen like this right?:


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Thank you! Looking forward to checking it out :grin:

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You are welcome. Please let us know how it works.

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Hmm… Still not fullscreen,
It’s the same as detail view where I hide all other columns.

LINKTOROW([_thisrow], “KartzoomviewSlice”, “My-cencored-appname”)

I believe the LINKTOROW() syntax needs correction.
It should be

LINKTOROW([_THISROW].[key column], “DetailView Name Of Image”)

That didn’t show anything when I used [File] (as the column is called)

Also a note, [_ID] gets automatically added to the slice, and I can’t delete it.

Hmm. I am willing to share my app tomorrow if you wish so you know implementationif it is useful to you. . Please PM me your email ID that I should share it.

I have closed my laptop for the day as it is nearing late night here. I am responding from mobile. Or else would have shared the app today itself. Hope that is fine.

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No worries, I am just grateful.

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