"Open in tab" Bug

I am developing a test app which is not deployed yet. The mobile and tablet view works fine but the tab view doesn’t update anymore. The version shown is days old. I even deleted all views in my app and it still shows me an old version from like 3 days ago. I saved the app and reloaded the page multiple times, no changes.

Sometimes the browser can hold onto an older version of view schemas - try clearing the cache for appsheet.com

If you’ve using chrome, you can quickly reload the webpage (while ignoring cache) by hitting Ctrl + F5 -this usually works for me. (Sorry Safari and others, no quick way to do it there… that I know if.)

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The Ctrl F5 didn’t work in chrome. I had to actually delete all website settings to get it working. The annoying thing is new changes are once again not show which means I have to delete website data and then reload/login … to see changes … thats quite annoying.

Thx so far.