Open Map close to my location

Hey guys,

I’m building an app with a map view. For some reason, when I click on the map icon it opens in some random location instead of opening close to where I am at the moment.

My location settings are turned on and appsheet is allowed to use my location.

What should I do in order to either create a button to zoom in my current position or to automatically open the map close to me??



Are you looking at it on your phone or in the editor on your PC?
I’ve seen it open to some random location when using the editor on PC before, but seems to act correctly when on a phone.

I’m using it on my phone, that’s why it seems so strange.

I am looking at the same issue.
It seems that it positions the map based on the Long-Lot of the 1st row.
How to position the map based on the phone GPS? with HERE() for example?

The System Generated “View Map” shows
App link target = CONCATENATE("#page=map&table=398%20Store%20Que&mapcolumn=Long%20-%20Lot&row=", ENCODEURL([_THISROW]))

All views are intended to display table data. I doubt there’s a way to plot and center on an arbitrary point (like HERE()).

What you could try (I haven’t tested) is creating a small table with one row and two columns: one column is the key, the other a virtual column with an app formula of HERE(). You could then use this small table as the map’s primary data table and the other table to be mapped as the secondary data table.

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When I use the (+) button to add a new row on a Map View, it brings the Form View and there when I lick the Map View it positions the map at my GP location.

I want to replicate the same in Map View - to show the map with row locations relative to phone GPS location.

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I don’t think that’s possible.

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Any sample Appsheet app out there that always positions the map relative to your GPS location?

I’m trying to do this too. Seems the default behavior would be to zoom the map to the user’s current location. How can I set this up?

the same as I thought, for the application that I created, there are conditions where I or other users need quick access in a map view to show where my location is

At one time I thought this was default. I have a list of over 2,000 addresses mapped and when I used to pull up the map it would show me the closest 200 based on my current location. In the UX>Options tab under maps am able to adjust the number of locations. Now I’ve come back to the same app a few months later and the map opens on some random location (or maybe the first address in my table).

What changed?