Open new Form when question answered

I searched but couldn’t find anything that helped me.

I have an app that asks several questions (each question is a column in a table), the answers are a number between 0 - 5 (number of non conforming items). (there are 24 questions in all)

I also have a table to capture images of related to the active row.

What my question is how do I set it up, so that when a question is answered or updated the form for adding an image comes up?

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks in advance.

Do you have relation between both image capture table and the question table - with IsPartOf set to ON?

Thank you for the reply.
Yes to both, this gives me a field at the bottom of the form to add images, I would like this to show for each question when answered.

eg. person using app scores question 1 new image form displays, take picture and save, question 2 - 5 good, answer question 6 , enter score new image form appears again. etc.

I would like the new image form to display when ever a question is answered.

I hope that is more clear.

Thank again

It seems for that needs you can have it with one table combine image and question in one table, and create an image column for each question with a show_if based on answer.

Thank you again,
I have managed a work around By adding another column for each question into the original table with show if based on the answer as you say. but as they cannot have a type set to list I can only put one image per question. It would be handy if either you could set a data type to list for non virtual, or if you could reorder columns and have virtual columns in the middle.

Thanks again.

Yes, this is based on my understanding of your question.

You could create a slice for the form and re-order the columns, but I don’t think this will be applicable for this case. Unless you want to have virtual columns with show type for showing images to the form but not for capture images.

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