Open New Photo form when a question is answered

I am trying to make an inspection app, I have 25 questions (each are a different column), I want to be able to open a new form for the user to take a photo for each question that is answered as yes (there is an issue). I have a table that captures photos called evidence and the inspection ID and Photo Evidence ID cross reference.

Is this possible, Unfortunately, I am trying Appsheet under the promise it is very intuitive and easy, but it’s leaving me feeling very confused and stupid.
I have searched but found nothing that helped me.
Thank you in advance.

Hi @Tatura_Factory
Have you had a look at the
Truck Check sample app. That may give you some ideas.

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Thanks Lynn,
Is there a link, as I can’t find a Truck Check sample App.
Or am I missing something again.


Hi @Tatura_Factory
Sorry I cant find it in the samples either. Looks like it may have been deleted .
I will see if I have a copy somewhere.
Edit, Hi Have a look at and copy if you wish Truck Check2 in my portfolio


Thank You Lynn,
Look like it will be helpful, just have to understand what everything means and does now.

Kindest regards,

Great , check back if you have any questions.

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