Open other App by clicking menu item?

Is is possible to open another app by clicking a menu item?



but in a existing app with menu items One menu item should refer to another app… So that’s different then app launcher right?

Ah, okey, i got what you want.

Quick answer is NO at the moment.

We are not able to place “action” into primary view/menu neither.

Suggestion is to place a detail view in a menu where your user see the inline action button “Go to XYZ APP” and user hit it . Then action to jump to anoher app is initiated.


Thank you… to bad it’s not possible… I think it could also be a usefull feature from performance (sync) and UX / UI perspective…

anyway… thanks for your quick respons!

Yes, it could be useful to place action button into menu position, and loads of people in this commuiniy wish to have.

The workaround I introduced to you is one of the possible ones to give the app user similar effects and experiences.

Not a single hit of button/menu, but need to take one more step, but just two clicks, we can initiate action, such as go to another app, open external url whatever.

This is sample shot. Fireing action to open up Appsheet community site through action.

Hit menu (Primal position) then it will bring to new form view. Then hit action bar. Then fire action to open up URL.

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some information which isn`t needed often can be put into another app. so isn’t synced when the app is started. the times the user needs this information he/she can click on the menu-item to open the other app with the extra information…

For the user it then looks like it’s still part of the same app…