Open this page in "AppSheet"? - Now Showing instead of directly going to App

Hello Everyone!

My app is now displaying the message below when launching the app. Previously, it just went directly to the app but now the user has to click open. Any guidance on how to prevent this step from happening or is this a new requirement by AppSheet?

Thank you!!

This looks like a browser-to-app redirect notice in Safari on iOS. Does it happen when you click on an AppSheet app link in Safari?

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It only happens when I open from the shortcut on Home Screen. My app uses a launcher page and I can go to each app on the launcher directly without the message. But every time I close the app it pops up this message.

Consider reinstalling the AppSheet app. My guess is the handler for AppSheet links is broken. Reinstalling the app should fix it if so.

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Hey Steve,

Thanks for helping out. I uninstalled the AppSheet app and reinstalled and nothing changed. Still get the popup window when I launch. Deleted everything and started the installation over including the shortcut. Any other ideas?

Unfortunately no. I suggest you contact to see what insight they might have.


Was this resolved? My app starting doing this yesterday and it’s driving me bananas.

Yes it’s driving me nuts too. I contacted technical support and they are telling me it is occuring because of the recent iOS 13 update. Here is an excerpt from their reply:

Unfortunately we haven’t come up with a solution to avoid the extra click users on iOS 13 encounter. The problem is in our queue already but I will forward this ticket as additional incidents.

I guess we have to wait until they resolve the issue.


Jason, I encourage you to contact, if just to add your name to affected app creators. It will help gauge the demand for a solution.