Opening a link in a new window

Hello, I searched the docs and the forum but couldn’t find anything that shows me how to open a link in a new window. For my case, I want to open a record in a different app for the user to perform an action, then they will want to return back to the original app to continue work. How do I create a LINKTOROW() with a target="_blank" type functionality?

Sorry for the delay in response. One way to do a target blank or deep link is an action like so:

  1. find the detailed form or view you want to deep link to, and find its “App Link”, e.g.

copy the https version of the link, and now create an action that looks like this:

The calculation contents of the deep link are:


change YOURAPPIDCHANGETHIS and YOURVIEWFORMCHANGETHIS to your actual values from your app, but do not change [_THISROW]. This last item is the trick that makes this all work.

Hope this helps.


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Nice! Thanks

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