Operating unique ID

I have a real estate company where we manage vacancies. I manage it by row and different tabs.
(Tab 1 - 1 bedroom apartments and each column has fill in information, Tab 2 - 2 bedroom etc…)
I am trying to generate a Uniqe ID for each property but the automatically generated number seems to be repeating itself.

How are you doing this?

using the command RandBetween(0, 999999)

am I using properly or in the right place?

Better to use UNIQUEID():

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And put it in the Initial Value.

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where/how would I put in the initial value?
(sorry - user not really a developer)

Delete the formula you currently have for that column. Click the edit icon all the way to the left of that column. Scroll down until you see the Initial Value field. Put UNIQUEID() there. You can change this value later if you want to, but this will ensure that each ID is unique as you add new properties.

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still generating the same code per row…

0c35f4fe" - also is there a way to adjust to just #'s or perhaps make a letter code for different sheets?

Whatever values are in your spreadsheet or database now, won’t change. This will only be for new entries created in the future. The point of having the Initial Value as UNIQUEID() is that as soon as you create a new property it creates the ID and that’s it. You’ll have to either delete all rows and re-enter them into the app, manually edit those IDs yourself, or set that column to “Reset on Edit” and then go into the form for each listing and resave it so that it will recalculate the ID. If you go with option 3, you’ll have to remember to turn “Reset of Edit” back to off when your done.

I’m not sure what you intend, but yes.

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Hi @JRMenashe
Have you had a look at the sample Apps?

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yes - have played with some of them - guess have to invest more time…