Option for Inline-attached actions to NOT replace column's value/header in Table view

Got an address column in my table, and an auto-generated view-map action that is attached inline. Looks fine in detail view:

But hides the address in table view, which is no good because that’s one of the main things that the user looks at to determine which record they are seeing.

Attaching the action to another column would stop it from showing in the right spot in the detail view. This has bugged me for a very long time, just now getting around to posting an actual feature request. Could put the option in UX->Options under the “TABLE VIEW” section, or in column/action definition.


What if you edit the system generated action “Only if this condition is true” to

I’ve never tried it in this manner before, but I’m curious what the behavior would be.

Good thought. Appears to not work though, the action still shows in the table view (inline table in this case). If that did work though, you could make 2 actions, one attached to another column for table view, and one attached to main column for detail view. I’d still prefer a switch option.

Dang, I was hopeful I came up with a cool trick.

You might be able to create a virtual column with a formula equal to your address column, make it “text” and not “address” column type, and have that virtual column be in your table view, but only the original address field in your detail view.