Option of managed database: If Appsheet serv...

(Jader James) #1

Option of managed database:

If Appsheet server run over Microsoft azure…is it benefits in use too Microsoft azure for managed database in terms of costs, performance etc

Some providers are more cheaper when send data from it to same provider. (Microsoft -> Microsoft) etc, about the network requests cost etc

Which providers are you using? Microsoft, Google or AWS?

*Awaiting for digital ocean supported

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@jader_james Hi Jader, as far as I know, using SQL Server won’t lead to any tangible performance improvement over the other database types just because AppSheet uses Microsoft Azure.

Regarding support for DigitalOcean, you can submit your request in our feature request app below:


(Sansao Negao) #3

Thank you, I was reading and see Appsheet server is at EUA West, I will place my database in West too, thanks