Option to add prefix/suffix to number/decimal type field

For numeric value type column such as number, decimal, I wish to add prefix/suffix to show as option.

Are you able to use Event action for this purpose? First add a value and when the form view is closed, the Event action writes the prefix.

Hi Aleksi,

The column type is numeric, so it will not work unfortunately. For instance, the number type column, we are not able to add string by action to add prefix/suffix.

For the moment, I’m using Virtual column to create suffix/prefix. When the value is entered to numeric type column then it will be referred in virtual column and then create the strings as text within VC. This is fine.

But the reason why I posted this feature request here is Virtual column makes sync speed slower, and I do not want to add fields as much, and want to number of fields as little as possible. Some of my apps do have bunch of fields holding numeric values. I dont want to create the virtual columns for those each.

So I want to make the thing done within column field setting, add suffix/prefix for numeric value type.


Does that column need to be numeric?

For instance, my app (maritime) do have bunch of number or decimal type of fields for inspection and safety check list to record the gauge of equipment etc.

Unit for those field varies. Metric Ton, PRM , Percent, Deg C, Deg F, hours, minutes, days, and more and more.

For now, we need to guide user, what is the unit base for each fields by adding reference to unit within fields name. For instance, fields name “Daily Working Hours (unit ; hours)” etc.

If we could have option to add unit as suffix for each number/decimals type filed to show up, we can avoid the wrong entry of the data and can easily guide the user what sort of “unit” this fields is based on.

The fields date type need to stay numeric as those number are referred and used for the calculation in both physical / virtual column.

This is reason my feature request is coming from.

Have you thought to use intial value for this purpose? For example if the column need PRM, you could use something like “(PRM)”. It will show it even if the column type is number.

It is an idea, but what I also need to have is to show as “120 PRM” in various views like Details, Table with suffix/prefix.

This is a good request and we have discussed about this for eample with @Phil. Both Prefix and Suffix are good feature requests.

Thank you, Aleksi.
Appsheet Apps are used in various fields works where the user need to enter figures from various equipment and/or devices to keep track records, off course, it is depends on the use case.
Prefix/suffix will give the users reasonable and quick guide/insight what each figures/records mean.

I will leave this to good hands of yours.

The main purpose would be this. Now we don’t have a good way to show a value if the suffix is something else than just a basic number. For exampe if we would like to see it like 100 µm.

We have Percent type of column and the figures are showing up like "10%.
I assumed the technique you use is something similar, but just change the unit (suffix) dynamically based on the users directed value.