Option to change the inline action style - Button shape

For years, we have been receiving the complain and voices from our app end users who are claming the action button in Appsheet is generally small and they found difficult what to do with those. I agree with those complains, and in the past, I posted a feature request to get the text-button-shaped button to be introduced.

Now we got new idea and please allow me to post new feature request.

Whe we set up inline action, we wish to have option for the style to select either Legacy or Button style. I mocked it looks like this.

Then how it looks ?

Currenlty, there is no on hovor tooltips is supported (apart from free account) for inline actions, and inline action in general, not visually appealing in a good way that there are actions available for app users.
Solution is just a standard action button style.

I hope tihs will be taken into account during the upcoming major upgrade works for the new AppSheet UIs.

Thank you.


I just aligned my mock image with those options for button size

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