Option to make Grey Background Transparent to show brand background Image

I would love to see an option to make the grey background transparent to show the brand background Image. This would be particularly good in card views.
You can see the image below, with most of the top having the grey backdrop, but the bottom cards are just on top of the app background. The later is preferable or at least the option to have it display like that.

I consider this a bug with Card views and have reported it a couple times in the past.

Clearly, there is the background showing the App Creator supplied image. For some reason, on top of that background is some box/view with the background color within it as a solid grey. HOWEVER, that box/window doesn’t cover the entire main window and the Cards “spill over” into the background portion.
AND if you navigate away and back again, the size of that box/view changes!! It is ugly and unprofessional and seems like an easy fix.

Now, the question is what is the proper fix? We want consistent behavior across all views. What does a Gallery view do?


Attn @Arthur_Rallu

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Ye I’ve done the same but there’s been no fix. At least if it’s transparent it doesn’t matter where it aligns too. Having a darker backdrop makes the cards stand out more too.

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I just have to say, that’s a really beautiful view (ignoring the bug). I love your progress/completion bars!