Option to not drop out of action stack when cancelling an individual action in the stack

When you’ve got a Group action, and you have the confirmations turned on for any of the actions inside the group, if you hit “No” (instead of continuing on) the entire action stack is canceled from that point on.

For example, if I had the following stack and hit “No” for the confirmation of the second action, the two actions below (in red) would not run.

I have need to this NOT happening, instead I wish for the option to present itself and if the user hits “No” then for the action stack to continue.

Right now things are sort of “absolute” - it’s either all the actions run, or only the one’s that have already run (before you hit “No”) - but I need a way to make things “optional” inside the stack and for the entire stack to run.

Perhaps a toggle switch inside actions to denote if they should kill an action stack??? Something like this maybe?

Or maybe a toggle in the group action itself, that tells the stack to complete each action irregardless of if confirmations are yes or no.

As always, thanks for considering! (^_^)