Option to select *NONE* in column order for Detail View with Card Type header


Hello AppSheet Team,

Was looking to setup a Dashboard with a few actions to generate reports using filters in a Users table. I found that using Card Type header in a Details View looks pretty good for presenting the actions to the user. But I just wanted to show 2 columns in the view using the options included in the Card and have the rest of the Detail View be empty.

I could accomplish this by selecting “_RowNumber” in the columns to display but it leaves kind of an empty space that is not needed. Looks good still, but was wondering if we could have an option to just show the columns selected in the Card header and have the rest empty.

Why not just use the card view type instead?

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Hi @Steve,

I tried that and also Deck view. Card view kinda looks funny and with both options it becomes clickable and sends you to Detail view of the record.

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I believe that if you simply insert into the Column Order list the two columns used in the Card View section (and only those two columns), The view recognizes that they have already been used and will not display them again in the Column list at the bottom.

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I agree with @Steve. You can “turn off” the navigation to the Detail view by setting the clickable action to None.

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I thought that happens but I just tried it and they still showed.

I had forgotten about the none on the onClick option.

Tested it out but stills turns the mouse into the “you can click here hand” when you hover it and also it shows an extra space on the bottom with a line in between:

cardview type

I still prefer the way the Detail view with Card hearder looks when adding the “_RowNumber” Column so that it stays empty, so gonna go with that for now.


That sounds like a bug.

In the end, I guess we don’t know your intended UI process. So if you’re happy…we’re happy!!


Here’s an image.

I was just looking for a way to have an option to place Actions that would generate reports on a series of rows of a table. It would be awesome if this action could be placed as a “NOT A ROW” action that could show as an Overlay on any table, deck, card view that presents a list of records (similar to the Add a New Row Action).

But since there is none. I went with a Slice that is filtered by columns in an Users table and then placed those Actions to generate a report on the Users table so that they would show up as Overlay and be placed in a convenient area in the Dashboard.

So that’s what the top right corner of the Dashboard is. Just a place to be able to show the Actions. And so I was looking for the least intrusive way to have that there. Detail view with Card Header was almost perfect except it shows up bigger than what I need because I need to place a row in the “Row Order” option in the UX tab, or else all rows show up. I tried a slice with none of the other rows, but you still need “_Rownumber”…

I guess in the scope of things, this really isn’t a big deal, but hey, It costs nothing to ask :slight_smile:

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