Optionally change the default zoom level for map view

Upon selecting latlon type fields, ref action is fired to open up map view with selected location sitting in the middle of the view.

I wish to have control over the default zoom level. Depending on the use case what sort of property we would like to locate on map view, sometime it is helpful to view the pin with street level (zoom in deeply) and sometime we have track the position of the ocean going vessels, i.e. the location is always in the middle of the sea somewhere. For the case we locate the vessel position on the map, we always see the blue background… Zooming in too much, not sure where it is instantly, but need to go to lower zoom level to see where it is.

Ideally I, as App creator, wish to have option to control the default zoom level. Google map API should have params in terms of zoom level, so I hope this can be easily accommodated by good hands of Appsheet dev team!