Order Capture - Fail to reference


I made a copy of the Order Capture App but it doesn’t populate the Order ID and Product ID in my Order Details equivalent google sheet. I’ve double checked that all the keys are correct and that the initial value is UNIQUEID(). Still… the cells come empty when the information is uploaded. What can I do about it?

Thanks for the support!

Please check that the Editable_If is not set as FALSE.

Hi Aleksi,

It worked for the Order ID Column but it did not for the Product ID. In my Product table I have already assigned an ID number for each product, could that be the problem?

Also, does the product values have to be next to the key column? I have a dependent dropdown before that.

Have you checked that your column types are both the same?

By both you mean that the parent an the child table have the same type REF?

Another thing: Is there a way to ORDERBY the virtual column showing the product items in the list?

Thanks again Aleksi!

No, if you are using numbers with your Product ID, you should use the number type with the Ref as well.

The answer is yes, I am using a Number Type in the Product ID column where the Products are and REF for the Order Form.