Order Capture How To | Using it as a base

Hi There

I’ve been messing around with the sample app “Order Capture How To” and have run into a few road blocks for designing an application similar.
In essence I’d use the app for:

  • Ad Hoc data entry of assets (i.e. laptops, docks, phones) where I’d record information such as Asset Number, Serial Number, Description, Model Number, and Make.

  • Creating new ‘Deliveries’ or ‘Deployments’ where I then can choose what assets I’d like to include in that delivery from the data entry sheet. I have a separate sheet that includes address information for various sites/customers which will be the recipients of these deliveries.

  • Saving these changes and then having a new field for the recipient to sign for the delivery. Upon entry of this field a PDF is created containing the information of the form results with a pretty layout (I am looking into templates).

So far I’ve created the ability for data entry in one table, and have the imported recipient information in another. I am struggling to create the ‘Delivery’ / Selection part of the form where I add assets to a new delivery from the data entry table.

Any help appreciated; I’ll provide any new information necessary - I’m still fairly new to AppSheet.


The first part would be to define you table/sheet structure.
Delivery Address
Delivered Assets

And so on. You would need to create a Form on the Delivered Assets sheet and in it you can define the drop down selection fields.

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