Order Capture: Move kiwis and bananas to main form, but write result in Order Details

I’m building an app similar to Order Capture. However, there are several items that are very common, so I’d like to feature them on the main form, but write the answers into the Order Details as rows, just as though they were chosen from there.
Imagine you’re building the Order Capture app, but 95% of your customers buy kiwis and bananas, so you want them on the main page. How would you that?
I think I need to use actions, but I’m not sure if I need to create one action for each item in the main form (I want 10 items total in the main form) or if I can write an action that covers all of them.

Follow-on question: should I use a real column in the Orders table, or a virtual column?

Hi @Ryan_Rands Have a look at this thread and the sample App that Praveen shows. Would this do what you require?


Yes, this helps. I needed a Group action and 1 action per item in the main form. However, sometimes when adding the actions they don’t fire. Turning on Needs Confirmation, saving and turning it off again fixes this. I’ve seen this 3 times now as I was working on my app. Thanks for the help!

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@Ryan_Rands Maybe you could put up a new post about this problem/bug?

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