Order Capture sample app was deleted?

Order Capture sample app its still available somehow? Possible I missed some announcement.

Hey Theodoro, we did make some updates to the sample apps - but you should still be able to access many of the legacy samples via /support.

Is this the Order Capture app you were looking for?


Exactly! I was learning a lot with this app in the end of last year.

Thanks a bunch Peter!

Hi Peter,

The “Order Capture” is indeed a great sample app.

I think during recent modifications to the app, a few rev reference VCs were added and their names changed ( [Order Details] column name changed to [Related Order Details] in the “Orders” table.
As a result, the workflow templates give errors.

It will be great if the column is renamed either in the table or the template. The app seems to be a popular one and referred by many new app creators and hence thought of requesting. I also prefer it as a base test app many times. :slight_smile: