Order Detail Table Template

Can anyone please guide corrections in the following template invoice that is generating all the records in the database file instead of ‘adds only’ (“When a new sales record is created, send an email” option of bot is selected)


Customer Name: <<[Customer Name]>>

Order <<[Invoice No.]>>

Order Date: <<[Date]>>

Product Quantity Rate Amount
<<Start: Filter(Sales,true)>><<[Product Name]>> <> <> <<[Gross Amount]>><>

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Manager Local Sales

Hi @murad_athar
Adds Only is telling your email when to run. You need to specify which rows you want emailed. see Start expressions.


Hello @Lynn

Thank you for your reply. The template Start Expressions has more content on parent child tables. I have a single ‘Sales’ Table with many columns. I want adds only for [Product Name] ; [Quantity] ; [Rate] and [Gross Amount] Columns as against a single [Invoice No.]. My key column is auto calculated by software: CONCATENATE([Product Name],": ",[Invoice No.])

One Invoice No.can have more than one products. So basically all adds only against single invoice number is required.

Can you please guide the start expression.