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I’m looking to build an App ‘order form’. The data will be shared across more than one table, each ‘Ref’ each other - for example.

Table1 – Customer database

Table2 – Products

Table3 – Orders

Table4 – Order details

Question – Once an order has been formed from multiple tables, is it possible to generate a PDF hard copy via ‘Save File’? Or does ‘Save file’ only save one Table Row?

Order example here - https://www.appsheet.com/samples/An-app-for-managing-customers-products-and-orders?appGuidString=245700e5-9061-4045-843f-7850b5eb439a

Is it possible to save the above order, with full order details, to PDF?

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Hey there,

First, I don’t think you need a separate table for order details.

Anyhow, I think what your looking for is a report or a workflow. This can be utilized to create a PDF for an order.

You will take your Father Row (Main Row) in your order table and get the related products from this order with it, along with prices etc whatever you need.

A report you can run on a scheduled bases.
A workflow you can trigger whenever a new order has been added.
The report link below Evan has a small sample in it.

See this.


Thank you Jonathan :+1:

I now know it’s possible. I just have to try and make it work for me :grinning:

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