Order matters in template equations

If you have this equation in a tempale:

<<[Decimal Number] * [Price]>>

The output in the report is a decimal number format. But if you use

<<[Price] * [Decimal Number]>>

Then the output is a price formated number


Just for the record, is [Decimal Number] defined as a Number data type?

In this example, [Decimal Number] is a decimal type column

Oh, I see. Its a difference of the number (> 0) of decimal places reflected in the result. Correct?

I was confused by the usage of “number” - which is a value with no decimal places.

Good tip!!

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Let me explain it again in a different way

Value in Appsheet
[Decimal] = 10.0
[Price] = £2.00

In a workflow, the output you get is:
<<[Decimal] * [Price]>> = 20.0
<<[Price] * [Decimal]>> = £20.00


Thanks for the tip.
I’ll have to keep an eye out for this…


Very interesting. Should come into use one of these days