ORDERBY() as part of a slice

I’m finding myself having to repeat an ORDERBY() for a slice over and over again - I can’t help but think of all the cycles wasted in this repetition during sync/calculation.

If I had the ability to order the rows of a slice AT THE SLICE LEVEL - then I wouldn’t need to worry about the sort order for any of my views, when using any formulas I know the rows will be in the order I’m expecting, etc.

The same could be said for regular data sources as well - being able to order rows at the table level would be handy; again, one-and-done. :nerd_face:

As always, thanks for considering!

Great idea! It would also be awesome if the list of keys generated by REF_ROWS had a default sort order.

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@GreenFlux you can actualy use ORDERBY() with REF_ROWS

Here’s an example from an app I’m working on:

orderby(REF_ROWS("Page_Elements", "Walkthrough_Link"), 
  [Element_Column_Name], false,
  [EditDateTime], true

This puts my refrows in the correct order, and from here I’m able to work off that assumption. :slight_smile:
This is one example of where I’m using orderby() over and over, so being able to establish something as a “hard code” would be awesome.