Ordered Flow Actions

Hello, I was hoping to use the Ordered Flow Action process based on the Webinar. My app has been in operation for sometime so how do I get those suggested to appear?


I’m checking on this. I think you’re right though: because the apps predate the addition of this feature, it’s not showing up.

Just confirming that we don’t have a mechanism to enable this on older apps…


Thanks Ty. Here’s the thing, I have the ability to use the recommended order flow action on other tables but its not recommending the order flow on the table I need it for. I do have Enum fields in the table I need the flow on.


Hi Daisy,

Sorry it’s not working for you!

The reason it’s not showing isn’t because your app predates the feature, but because our system tries not to give out suggestions to apps that have already made edits to a particular area. I guess the idea was that it doesn’t want to give suggestions to people who already know their way around.

We’re working on a way to make all suggestions available at all times in the editor - look out for it in the future!

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Got it. I was thinking it combined steps somehow and I’d certainly like to reduce steps whenever possible. Will keep an eye out.


Please don’t. Or give us the (reliable) option to turn off all suggestions.