Ordering data for charts

I use a form to collect data which are then transcribed in chart. The X axis of the chart is the date
The problem is if a user enters data in a non-chronological order, the chart restricts non-chronological curves as well.
For example if he enters a data for 08/27/2019 then for 08/26/2019, this second data is after the first which is not correct.
There is the ORDERBY(Key, [Date], …) function but I do not see where to use it.
Can you help me on the subject

Hmm… after looking into this I’ve found there’s no way to alter the order of things in a chart, short of reordering the actual data.

AppSheet would need to implement a sort column for the charts to make this work; unless there’s another way of ordering a table that I’m unaware of.

@Adam will know more for sure.

We actually just added an option to choose a sort column for line charts, you should see it now in the chart view settings for supported chart types.


@Adam @MultiTech_Visions
Thanks for improvments :+1::+1:! That’s perfect!

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Any solution to sort histogram charts by a value instead of alphabetical by columns?


Hi, try a virtuel column with this a formula like this:
Text([Field], “Formating rule”)
And have this column as the chart column.

Also histogram charts do not take into account enum column type. I added Month column to my data table as Enum. And set enum values to “January”, “February”, “March”… Table view with group by month sorts data as specified by Enum. But histogram chart does not use order of Enum values for sorting.