Ordering of Virtual Columns in Table-Column view

I couldn’t find a feature request for this, so filing this, hope its not a dupe.
My multiple tables have multiple VCs and over time they are ordered inconsistenly, the only way to reorder (unless I am missing something) is to delete and re-create them, which is not worth it. It would be good to be able to drag/drop the VC order in the Column view of a table.

This has two advantages that I can see:

  1. will keep the column list visually consistent when multiple tables have similar VCs
  2. it will alleviate the need to maintain multiple identical ordering lists in slices

I agree 100%, and we asked for this a couple of years ago and they gave us an answer that seemed legitimate at the time.
I believe the response to this was to give us the ability to reorder columns inside the slice, and when that wasn’t good enough they gave us the ability to reorder columns in the form as well.
The fact that they haven’t just given us the ability to reorder the columns inside the columns panel suggest to me that there’s some other underlying thing going on. (Why else go through all of this trouble to create a system for slices AND forms to be able to reorder things, when it would be “simpler” to allow us to reorder things at the root level.

Anyways, I agree 100% and it would really make things a whole lot easier.

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