Organize data by most recent date

How can I organize data by most recent date in these virtual columns?

There are two options to sort the data in a table format.

  1. Dynamic: Tap on the column heading by which one needs to sort.

  2. Configured: As per the image below. The default view will present by the configured sort column. User can override to sort it by any column by using method 1 described above,

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Hello, thank you very much for your help, but what happens is that Related Payment does not appear in the UX, then I do not know where I can sort the data in a table format

Please look for system generated views in UX → Views.

Please enable the system generated views to show by selecting “Show Systems Views” option at the bottom of all views in UX - > Views

Typically you will find a view names Payments_Inline. That will is the related payments view.

or if you have created the view Payments, then please change that view’s settings. This Payments view could be your inline related payments view.


Thank you a lot, the solution was Payments_Inline, I would never have found it without your help, thank you for the patience.

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