Organizing Data into Report Templates

I just realized about the Template If Expressions so that is incredibly helpful. However, I am no expert. I have some data that when entered needs to be organized into a report based on quantity, age, and test dates. Each item gets logged into a form with the type of item, quantity, age, and test date. The “Test Date” is auto generated based on the login date. The Test Date columns are labeled as [1-day date], [2-day date], [3-day date], etc. The Quantities are labeled as [Qty-1d], [Qty-2d], [Qty-3d]

[Item1] has (x) samples that gets logged in and needs to be tested on the following days:
(Quantity) Test-Day - (2) 1-day, (1) 3-day, (1) 5-day. (1) 10-day, (2) 14-day

Item2 has (x) amount that gets logged in and needs to be tested on these days:
(Quantity) Test-Day - (1) 2-day, (1) 6-day, (3) 12-day, and (1) 20-day

report template

The image is a section of my report where the items are displayed. As you can see I have 10 rows on my report. Because every item has different quantities and different test dates how would I organize it so that it could automatically start at row A based on test dates and that each item would be listed on a row.

[Item1] would be formatted like this:

[Item2] would be formatted like this:

How would I format this in my document so that based on the information it gets formatted correctly?

Any help is much appreciated!

It appears you want your data sorted by Age, days and/or Test Date. For that, you’d want ORDERBY().

That you appear to have fixed Item values could make this difficult.

See also:

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Thank you for this info! I’ll do some more reading and playing around. You are correct, for someone like me, difficult is a good choice word, lol.

I’ve gotten it to land on a row. meaning row a is for 1-day, row b is for 2-day and so forth. It becomes difficult when there is more than 1 of an item to separate that value. Guess I could make the form a little more detailed is probably the best option. I was trying to keep the form simple, but it is what it is. I appreciate your help! You’re always so quick to reply!

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Currently my template adds the items like the one below in Template1, could I call a workflow or automation task to grab the items and put them in order like Template2?



I don’t know. Your use of fixed values in the Item column makes no sense to me. Since I don’t really understand what you’re trying to accomplish with the fixed values, I can’t offer any suggestions. :frowning:

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