Other Attachemets/Templates


Does anyone know how to attach multiple pdfs to one email? Im trying to create a hire app and need ll forms to be sent together in one email.

Thank you.

Mauricio! Nice to see you in the community my friend!

You might try the “Other Attachments” field at the bottom of an email workflow

You might be able to add it there, depending on if you already have it (the PDF) already or not.

If you don’t, and you’re having appsheet generate the PDFs, I don’t think there’s a way to get more than one template to render a PDF per workflow action; you can always create an additional action, but this will send an additional email NOT add an additional generated template to the email already being sent.

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Hey Matt,

What I’m trying to is reference all the forms/attachments (parent/child). I saw somewhere that it’s possible I just can’t remember where.

If the PDF files already exist, you can simply refer to each of them in the Other Attachments property. Each of the Other Attachments will be retrieved and included as an email attachment.

Alternatively, you can both create and attach the PDF files. If you only need to create and attach a single PDF file you can do that directly in the Email action. If you need to create and attach multiple PDF files, you must create a SaveFile workflow action for each PDF file you wish to create. See https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/2848415-creating-and-saving-a-file-from-a-workflow-rule-or-scheduled-report

Once those PDF files are created, you can include each of them as Other Attachments. There is a paragraph in the following article that describes this. See https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/3337387-email-other-attachments



I will give it a try.

Thank you, Phil.

Phil, thanks for the great info. I don’t know if this is hijacking the thread, but it is the same question really. Let me know and I could start a new thread if needed.

i select a dropdown to select a job# and then select from dependent drop down enumlist to select multiple drawing files (PDF) to write to child table. Then I plan to create rule to email out a template and the associate drawings from the enumlist. Is this possible? If so, could you provide guidance?
I am going to continue to try to figure it out.