Other attachments - pictures from a child table


I want to add attachments from a child table.
I have this expression in the Other Attachments field:



Run the test and all is working:


And still, the email comes without any attachments.

What am I missing?


Check the Log file to see if there were any errors reported for that Workflow. You’ll find the Log button at the top of any Workflow definition that you open.


The workflow was successful but EmailOtherAttachment is blank

Found the problem:
After reading some other posts, I have realized that the child record addition happens only after the parent record is saved.

So when the workflow is triggered, the child record is not yet available.

The formula:
SELECT(Child Table[Photo],[Reff Column]=[_THISROW].[ID])
in the Other Attachments, works but I have not yet got to that point where it happens in one go.

The solution I have so far:

I add the Parent, then

I have 2 actions on the Parent table
1. add the Child
2. change status column to trigger the workflow.

This way, an unlimited number of children records can be added and the workflow will be triggered manually