Other Attachments - Where to place files?

Hello, I’m looking to attach a simple general information pdf (no template needed) to a workflow email but I’m having trouble finding an example of exactly what to input into the Other Attachments field. Is it the name of the .pdf or the complete address like //OneDrive//AppSheet//data/DaisyRamirez20190629.pdf ?

Based on info I found here, it sounds like I need to put the file into my default app folder in App Properties but this doesn’t appear to work either. The workflow test is successful and I get an email its just that the attachment doesn’t appear along with the email.

Note: I am co-authoring the application with my client and in order to support the One Drive Excel Sheet for data, the client is the app owner. If I’m the app owner, we have trouble with the emails. Can someone assist? Thanks

Did you figure this out?? Anyone else looking for something similar see:Email Other Attachments
Maybe this will help, I’m working on this now.

Hi Clint, so sorry for the late reply. You may have already resolved this but wanted to send a screenshot your way. The above image is correct - its the exact name of the file only - the full address is not required.