Other than Initial Value, is there a way to set the value of a column with a formula that is not dynamic?

I have several instances where I want to set the value of a column based on another column (trigger value) using a formula; and once that value is set I don’t want it to change. “Initial Value” won’t work because the instance of change does not occur when the record (row) is created. App Formula is dynamic so it will change if the trigger value changes. BTW in each of my cases the value I want to capture is DateTime.

You may wish to further elaborate on what you mean by

Based on your description so far, you may wish to take a look at the change type columns , especially ChangeTimeStamp type column, just in case you have not yet.

Tracking Changes Using "Change" Column Types | AppSheet Help Center


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Use Initial Value along with a Reset On Edit expression such as:

[other column] = x


Thanks, that works.


I tried this approach, but it only sets the DateTime when the record is created. The tip from Suvruff using ChangeTimestamp worked. Thanks, I did learn from your example.

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You would have needed to use a conditional in the Initial Value as well, like:

IF( [other column] = x , y , “” )

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