Our firm is desperately trying to find out ab...

(David Lee) #1

Our firm is desperately trying to find out about “Google Chatbots”.

Can’t find any pricing or how to even “get” one.

I think it’s related to something called AppSheets?

I wonder if any of the experts on here would know?




(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

You’ve come to the right place :]

help.appsheet.com - CHATBOT APPS | AppSheet Help Center CHATBOT APPS | AppSheet Help Center help.appsheet.com

(David Lee) #3


so, anyone know pricing or how to actually “get” a bot?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

Hi @David_Lee1, wrt pricing — this is going to get priced just like an app (so the regular pricing page applies to this as well – a chatbot app is just an app with a different rendering).

What is your planned bot going to be used for?

I’m confused by your question about how to actually get a bot? The ink I attached has multiple articles showing you how to run an app as a bot. The samples also have a couple of chatbot apps you can just copy and use as a starting point.

(David Lee) #5


Hey thank you for the information.

Our bot would be integrated with our live chat, ChatBeacon.io (they mentioned integration with Google Bots).

Sadly, it appears that Google Bots only work with Facebook Messenger at the moment?

We need just a normal webchat one.

Have a call with Microsoft Azure in an hour about azure bots.

I suppose I was looking for a “click here to buy a bot”

and “download the code” button.

And still, no pricing…

As a .net developer, I realize that there is some coding most likely required, but in the end - if the chat is only for FB at the moment, it won’t work for us.

Thank you for the feedback though.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #6

Hi David, AppSheet is a no-code app platform. No, there is no coding required. That’s why it is interesting.

Google & Microsoft (and others) offer developer platforms where you can use their services + SDKs to author a bot. Then you need to host it and run it. It looks like chatbeacon.io will do that for you once you create your chatbot in Google Dialogflow or one of the others. That’s what I’d recommend then but be aware that if you need the chatbot to connect to your data (eg: customer history), you will be writing some code with callbacks, etc.

AppSheet does this with a declarative no-code model. You should have an app/chatbot up and running in 5 minutes. Right now, it is hosted only in Facebook Messenger.