Our supervisors will be using AppSheet to ent...

(Keith Block) #1

Our supervisors will be using AppSheet to enter daily timecards for all our staff and I would like to set up a weekly email to each staff member which summarizes their last week’s hours.

So far, I’ve got a Report that emails each timecard entry to the staff members but that’s too many emails.

I’d like to have one summary email per week for each staff member.

Any idea how I can do this?

(David Hopkins) #2

How about a Y/N in the employee table indicating that “this guy is a supervisor” … then use that to trigger who is pulled into the slice for the report.

I have a similar set up where Team Leaders and Team Members are all in the same Volunteers table. A column called memberType = Leader or Member … I can separate the Volunteers table based on the MemberType column.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

I might be misunderstanding the question, but it sounds like you want to send one email every week to each staff member, and it will hold data from multiple timecard entries, right?

For this, your app should keep a separate table of staff members. Each timecard will have a Ref column to this staff members table. As a result, each staff member row will automatically get a virtual column that has all the related timecards.

Now, your weekly scheduled report will send one email for each row in the Staff members table. In the workflow email template, you can filter the related timecards down to just those in the last week.

(Keith Block) #4

That did it!

I already had an Employees table Referenced by Timesheets so I just switched the Report to use Employees instead.

Thanks, Praveen.

In case anyone else reads this, the filter I used in my Email Body Template was <<Start: SELECT(Timesheets[Key], AND(IN([Key],[_THISROW].[Timesheets]),


Is there a better way to filter?