Output commas with an if function in a template

Hey, I have been working with a JSON template and we use the IF function to hide some data if the field is empty in the template.

Let’s say that I have an array “” of two objects “{}” in the template, and I write the code like this…

{“Data”: {[
{ <<If: [Example]>0>>“Example”: “<<[Example]>>”<>
<<If: [Example_1]>0>>“Example 1”: “<<[Example_1]>>”<>},
{<<If: [Example_2]>0>>“Example 2”: “<<[Example_2]>>”<>
<<If: [Example_3]>0>>“Example 3”: “<<[Example_3]>>”<>}]}}

And de output with the automatic commas should be like this…

{ “Data”: {[
{ “Example”: “1,325”,
“Example 1”: “5,548”, <----},
{ “Example 2”: “7,355”,
“Example 3”: “8,548”, <— }]}}

The problem is that after an “EndIf” it always put a comma and I don’t need always the coma, exactly in the two last rows of the object “{}”(<–“here” ). Is there a way so I can restric or limit the automatic output comma in the template???