Overlay action, dashboard view

i have in UX>Options>Dashboard view: Show overlay action ON
In fact now i have the “add” (system generated) button in one table in my dashboard but if i click on it, i ll get redirected in a wrong form; not the same form if i use the same Add button form the original table view

I didn’t know they slipped that in!! I just turned it on for my numerous Dashboards and everything seems fine for me.

Is there anything unusual about your overlay actions? Any usage of CONTEXT() function?

You probably just need to create your own custom Add action that always does what you want it to.

I have a show if Context()=xxxtable and context()=xxxxdashboard, because i want to see this Add button only in that table and now i have added this dashboard with the same table, so i’d like to use the action directly from the dashboard.

I would test the usage of CONTEXT with dashboards. I found that they didn’t work like I thought when I was creating some interactive dashboards. It was a few months ago and I don’t remember the specifics of the issues i was having. If I get some time I’ll play and try to refresh my memory.

Let’s see the expression your using for the Show If as it is in AppSheet.


It works as filter but from Dashboard i get redirect in a different form