Overlay button that runs a report or workflow

Hi there,

I want to add an overlay button that runs a report and i don’t know how to do it…

I have a deck view that displays a list of current’s day events andI want to add an overlay button that runs a report or a workflow visible on this view only. Indeed, I build a report that select all the events of the current day and send an email with all the rows associated with TODAY() with their datas into a formatted template (see below)

I want this to be run when a user click on an overlay button on a specific deck view. I also tried to create a workflow that send the same email when data changes occur thanks to the action “execute actions on a set of rows” but the button does not display.

Can the community help me with this please.

Thanks a lot,

Only certain actions can be displayed as overlays. But the editor does not prevent you from selecting ‘Display as Overlay’ on the actions that won’t work, so it’s a bit confusing.

I’m not sure on the full list of actions, but I believe Overlays only work with:

  • Non-row level actions (Import/Export CSV, Add a row)
  • Go to another view
  • Possibly Go to another app (have not tested)

I would suggest using a Detail View or Form View to create your own confirmation screen for the report. So the first click would be your overlay button, using ‘Go to another view(Detail or Form), where the user would click a second time to confirm.

On a detail view, the second click would be another action displayed prominently, or if you use a form they would just click SAVE. In either case, you can trigger your workflow/report based on the second click.


See topic “Sending Email from an Action Button” in this article https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/961707-workflow