Overwriting an App Formula in 'Set Values' action type


Is it possible to overwrite an app formula when create and action to ‘Set the values of some columns in this row’?

I have a [Master Reect] Column (Yes/No Type) which get its value from an app formula but when reviewing a record detail I want to associate an action that will allow the user to change the value of the [Master Reject] column from TRUE to FALSE.

Can this be done?

Thank you.

It sounds like you want the column’s initial value (its value upon creation) set automatically by an expression and cannot be modified by the user, but when the row is edited thereafter, the column can be modified by the user.

  • To set the column’s value initially, use the Initial value property, not App formula.

  • To prevent the user from modifying the column’s value at creation, set Editable? to:

    IN([RowKey], MyTable[RowKey])

    Replacing MyTable and RowKey with the table name and table’s key column name, respectively.

  • To allow the user to only change the value from TRUE to FALSE, set Editable? to:

    LOOKUP([_THISROW].[RowKey], "MyTable", "RowKey", "Master Reject")
  • To do both of the above:

      IN([RowKey], MyTable[RowKey]),
      LOOKUP([_THISROW].[RowKey], "MyTable", "RowKey", "Master Reject")
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Worked perfectly, thank you @Steve

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