Overwriting records

I have a very serious problem, I noticed that some lines in Google Sheets are getting overwritten. For example, an order has been completed a long time ago, and after a while, the status “pending execution” is assigned to the same line. I have looked through the audit history and noticed that there are edit row operations. In the details of this event, I can see that the status is being given back to “pending execution”.

The problem is that users can only create new tickets, they cannot edit them. I don’t know where to look for the cause of this problem.

I also did tests and if I filled out the form but did not save it yet and copied the link and then pasted it in a new browser window, all responses are saved with the generated ID. And if I saved the first form, and then in the second form with the same ID, I changed the data, Appsheet allows me to save it and thus overwrites the data. I suspect that application users may copy the link to the form and this is where the problems begin.

I would very much ask for guidance, because this problem affects the clients and their billing.

I have investigated the matter carefully and concluded that the problem was in a very specific case. If the user creates a form in the browser and fills it in, but before saving, he copies the link to the completed form and pastes it in a new window, the same ID is assigned, which is not stored in the link but in the browser’s cache. And if the user fills in the originally opened form and then goes to the tab with the copied link and changes the values in the form, he will overwrite the old data. Is it possible to somehow prevent this?

Hi @Emilian_Bem
Im not sure I follow what is happening, but which is your key column and how is it being created?


Hi @Lynn! Thanks for reply
I have a column called “ID” with the following properties:
Type: text
Require: true
Initial value: UNIQUEID()
Key: True
Editable: False

A row with the same Key will overwrite the previous one. I don’t know what your users are doing but maybe you could set your key column to not show. I don’t have any other suggestions sorry. Someone else may be able to help further.


Thank you for your time anyway! I hid the ID but that didn’t change anything: /. It seems to me that somehow the id is stored in the link when the form is opened. Unfortunately, I do not have enough knowledge to clearly determine if this is perhaps a starting point.