Page Break in Detail view

It would be super helpful to have this option to have a page break to break up lots of text in the detail view. The same way a REF displays in detail view.

Are you able to create a sample view so it would be easier to understand what you are looking for?

Good Morning,

I pulled an example from the “Activity Schedule App” demo.

So… you would like to have some sort of collapsible longtext field.

You could use a Show column for this.

I like to include show (image) columns with a header bar in my forms and in the app, exactly to break things up into separate sections.

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That would be cool too, but not what I was meaning. When there is a lot of text or even a lot of different columns in detail view it helps to have the detail view broken up so it doesn’t run all together,

For another example, I have a bird information app. Here is how I would like to do the detail view:

Picture (Header)

Page Break

Food (Show Column - Section Header)

  • Peanuts
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Ect,

Page Break

Nesting (Show Column - Section Header)

  • Nesting Type
  • Color of Eggs
  • QTY of Eggs

Page Break

and so on.

Thanks for the suggestion, that is what I am doing now but it does not give the same effect as a page break in my opinion.

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That is what i am doing now, but I feel a “Page Break” option could be an option when selecting “Show” type. It breaks the detail view up a lot better than just have a header. Makes everything more clean and organized in my opinion.

The closest solution would probably be the interactive Dashboard view where all views would be detail views. If you use the option “Use tabs in mobile view” as ON, you could have all separate detail views but you can change them when clicking the tab.

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Okay, thanks. Maybe something in the future, hopefully!

Same request here: