Parent and Child records, HELP!

I need help with something that I have not been able to achieve (I am a beginner), I have a series of data that is entered daily, 4 of them are the same and the only thing that changes is a weight that is entered one by one, then the following group of data and once again 4 values are repeated.

What I need is that in the first data record of the day the 5 different values are entered; with the first 4 data that are repeated an alphanumeric key is created (I did it with CONCATENATE), and this alphanumeric key will be my PARENT, then I need all the CHILD records to be entered one by one, while my PARENT (alphanumeric key) is repeated , until the next set of data arrives.

I hope I explained myself correctly, I would appreciate the help!

Hello Stephanie and Welcome to the AppSheet Community!!

You haven’t asked any questions so I am not perfectly clear on what you need help with.

Are you interested in creating a Parent/Child relationship between two separate tables?

Yes, sorry.
I have 2 tables, one is an automatic copy of important data that is read only
The second 1 is a bigger table where i need that people introduce different weights every single day in base in a parent that is an alphanumeric code.

So what i need is the first time, they need to create the PARENT in base on 4 5 different values, this will create my alphanumeric code, after that i want that they just select that parent and introduce a lot of numbers (container weights).

I hope i explained well, English is not my language

Will you be entering OTHER information along with the container weights? Or are you just entering numbers?

Just numbers.
But my alphanumeric code needs to be created with 4 values, is like I would have 5 parents. My first entry will be like this:

  • company:
  • week:
  • license:
  • type:
    This all 4 will automatically create my Alphanumeric code (I did it in my spreadsheet with a CONCATENATE formula)

After those 5 common values, they can introduce a lot of numbers that shares those 5 values